Frequently Asked Questions

Ottawa Area Delivery

It's easy! Either check out through our website when you're done shopping, or call-in/text your order to (343) 805-0700.

For all orders made through our website:

If you select cash on delivery at checkout, we'll contact you shortly to set up delivery time that works for you.

If you select Interac E-Transfer at checkout, your order will be on hold until the transaction is complete. The transaction is complete once we have received and accepted your E-Transfer for the total amount. After the transaction has been completed, we'll work to fulfill and deliver the order ASAP.

Your order will delivered to the delivery address you've specified in your order checkout. In your order checkout process, you can note any additional desired delivery specifications, which we'll adhere to, to the best of our ability. If need be, we will get in contact with you to specify a delivery plan.

Anything considered the urban Ottawa area is a deliverable zone. To be specific, if your area code begins with K1 or K2, then we will deliver to you. 


We also deliver to the Carp, Dunrobin, and Manotick regions. If you are not far outside Ottawa, or these areas, feel free to contact us and we'll consider accommodating delivery if it is feasible.


If you received promotional material from us, we deliver to you!

We’ll do our very best to make it happen! Our average delivery time is approx. 2 hours. Deliveries typically start late morning/early afternoon, and finish late evening. If your order was placed at a really late hour of the day and we've already closed shop for the evening, you'll be informed ASAP. In that case, you'll get your order the next day on the first round of deliveries.

We offer delivery for FREE on all orders over $50 (after discounts). For orders that don't qualify for free delivery, our standard delivery fee is $20.00.

We do our very best to accommodate a 7 day delivery schedule. But we’re human, and sometimes weather/logistics/circumstances just don’t permit it. After the transaction is completed, you’ll immediately be informed should there be unforeseen delays. In addition, our Homepage has a section dedicated to keeping you informed and up to date, you’ll find notifications of delays and otherwise conveyed through it as well.

Yes, absolutely. Should you prefer, we will deliver by front door drop-off/mailbox much like Amazon, UPS, and other delivery companies. Once your order is delivered, we'll notify you. If you'd rather we not do this, and/or you have any other delivery specifications, you can add them in during your order checkout process. We have no problem making a personalized delivery plan that works for you.

Discretion is a top priority for Capital Herbs. We deliver with nondescript delivery packaging and don’t discuss the nature of our business upon delivery. Expect a professional interaction, and order with confidence that the business between us is private.

All orders are delivered with security and discretion in mind. Your order will be sealed, tamperproof and nondescript. The package will say: 

To: Your First Name

From: WDCL CAN ---> order number

For security reasons, we happily offer this means of delivery to established clients only.

Yes, it's no problem. Just be sure to contact us via call/text at (343) 805-0700 with details with as much notice as possible so we can accommodate the change.

At the moment we only accept Interac E-Transfer and cash. Payment instructions are sent to you directly after checkout. Here is an overview of Interac E-Transfer.

If you would like a Quebec delivery, please contact us at (343) 805-0700 so we can work out a plan that is feasible beforehand.

Product Questions

Cannabis has traditionally been divided into 3 commercial categories to help consumers understand the effects they can expect. These categories are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Indica has traditionally been know to induce the sedative, sleepy effects (or what some call, the ‘couch-lock’). Sativa strains are known to energize, spark creativity, and be less cognition inhibiting. Thus why some say that Sativa is your daytime medicine, while indica is for nighttime. Hybrids are a a genetic crossbreed, offering the mixed effects of both Indica and Sativa.


While Sativa and Indica may have a distinct difference in plant characteristics and cultivation (flowering times, height of the plant, thickness of the leaves, etc.), the truth is that you’ll find an assortment of effects in any given strain of cannabis, with varying cannabinoids (THC and CBD are both classified as cannabinoids) and terpenes (responsible from the fragrant characteristics of the flower). Years of cannabis cultivation and cross-breeding has lead to a complicated assortment of choice and genetic differences. A true Indica or Sativa rarely exists, though you’ll see a strain called one or the other. This is because the plants known genetic lineage and plant characteristics are dominated by the traits of an Indica or Sativa cannabis plant. A Hybrid could be considered a strain that exemplifies the traits of both Indica and Sativa plants, or is of mysterious genetic lineage.


Like most retailers, we’ve decided to classify our flower through the familiar terms: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. However, it should be stressed that this should serve as only a benchmark in which to guide you. The truth is, through personal experimentation, you’re find certain strains that you like, and work best for you!

General Questions

No Problem, your order is saved for you for a full 24 hours from time of order placement.

Anytime before your order is delivered, we respect your right to request a refund, no explanation needed. You’ll be refunded the entire order amount ASAP, or, if the E-Transfer wasn’t yet accepted, we will cancel the E-Transfer.

Anything that is unopened/untampered will be refunded immediately upon return, no questions asked. Anything that has been opened/tried/used, we are happy to offer a replacement or alternative product at no additional cost upon return. If you are still unsatisfied, please contact us and we will do our very best to work out a solution.

We do! We will ship to anywhere in Canada. We do shipping orders on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us at (343) 805-0700 for inquiries.

Do you still have a question? Feel free to contact us via text/call to (343) 805-0700.

Today’s Delivery Status

🗓️ Wednesday, June 12th, 2024  🗓️

🚗 Deliveries Begin at 12pm 🚗

⏱️ Same Day Delivery Cut-off Time is 9pm ⏱️ 

 Place your order before 9pm to receive it today! All orders placed after cut-off time will be delivered next day.

Today’s Delivery Status
Sunday, Monday – Dec 24th, 25th

Closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Happy holidays everyone! Back on Boxing Day.

Today’s Delivery Status

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⏱️ Same Day Delivery Cut-off Time is 9pm ⏱️

 Place your order before 9pm to receive it today! All orders placed after cut-off time will be delivered next day.